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Your A+ agent in the U.S. is Sherree Herdman.

She is a licensed educator and has extensive international teaching and travel experience.

Sherree Herdman

Keys to your success

Structured learning environment.

We provide home surroundings that are comfortable and contribute to your educational experience.

what we do

Big and Yeonji We assist students in applying to top US High Schools by giving support with the application and related paperwork.

Once they are accepted we arrange host family accommodations and provide on-going support throughout the school year. This will ensure that the student has a rewarding and meaningful educational experience.

Our schools have high educational standards and the students consistently score in the top percentiles on college entrance exams.

Benefits of attending an A+ school
A+ Homestay School Members enjoy:
  • Assistance with School Application
  • Guaranteed Host Family Placement
  • Ongoing monitoring of Homestay Program
  • Year-round support and mediation
  • Airport Pickup
  • Annual membership to monthly A+ Social Club
  • Assistance with filing US Tax Documents (Required by all International students)
Welcome to Spring Valley Academy!
SVA Front entrance

Spring Valley Academy

  • Established in 1968
  • Ranked in the top 3% of Ohio Schools
  • Test score averages are 10% higher than national average
  • Limited openings in all 4 High School grades

Great school! Great Location!

Southern California is the home for Loma Linda Academy. Located adjacent to world-famous Loma Linda University, this A+ school has over 1400 students in Kindergarten through high school.

Loma Linda Academy

Beautiful campus.

new gymnasium

Brand new gymnasium.

Commended scholars from LLA

High-achieving students.

LLA Choir

World-class music department.

graduation 2013

These graduates are going to make a difference in their world.

LLA sign

You need to be here!

Welcome to Collegedale Academy!

CA is a high school founded in 1892. It is located in a beautiful part of Tennessee, and has outstanding educational facilities and teachers. 95% of the graduates each year go on to college or university. Music and sports are also offered for students who are interested and can keep their grades up.

Collegedale Academy entrance

A+ Homestay Coordinator for Collegedale Academy, Brigett Pankey stands outside Collegedale Academy with Feng Yuan from China.

excellent gymnasium

Collegedale offers excellent inside and outside sporting venues.

new tennis courts

New tennis courts

Art room

A first-class arts program

Art room, again

Orchestra strings

A very strong music program

Brass section of the band

Great teachers

Teachers who enjoy teaching their students

Well-equipped classrooms

Well-equipped classrooms

Beautiful surroundings

Beautiful surroundings

Please welcome Collegedale Adventist Middle School to the growing A+ family of quality schools.

CAMS has a brand new building and is a state of the art facility for quality educational instruction.

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

Located on the beautiful campus of Southern University, Collegedale Middle School was established in 1892. Collegedale Middle School is a private Christian school with approximately 200 grade 6, 7 and 8 students.

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

The student/teacher ratio is 1:15 with most classes having approximately 18 students in them. The total number of International students is 5%.

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

The current building is new and very attractive with modern classrooms and equipment.

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

All rooms are decorated with attractive colors and furniture.

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

The school is well equipped with the latest technology and attractive computer labs.

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

The hallways are extra wide to allow plenty of room for students to move from class to class and attractive verses and motivational words decorate the walls.

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

The art room is very attractive with natural light filtering from special structures in the ceiling.

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

The school has a strong music program.

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

A large gym allows plenty of space for sports indoors during the winter months and an attractive outside sporting area is well used in the summer.

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

Collegedale Adventist Middle School

Welcome to Western Wyoming Community College!

WWCC has over 70 different programs, from associate degree programs, to one-year certificates and two-year preparatory classwork.

Biology labs

Modern, well-equipped classrooms and labs

Full-size compressor

Mining technology that is full-size, not models

Classtime at the gas well lab

Students are able to work with real equipment, and gain valuable experience in both operation and maintenance.

the Loader

They discover that using good maintenance techniques can insure that important parts work longer.

very large piston

And if they don't do their work well, those parts can break!

broken piston!

Working with life-sized equipment means they are better prepared for the field.

valve head

WWCC has a fully functional natural gas well head right on their campus.

Working gas well

Nearby is the Black Butte Mine, a surface coal mine where this massive dragline works to strip the coal from the ground in 75 cubic yard buckets!

Huge dragline!

The facilities are clean and modern. This makes learning much more effective.

Clean up is easy!

From mining technology to biology, from ceramics to electronics, Western Wyoming Community College has a program for you. Best of all, the cost is much less than most other comparable schools.

Please contact A+ Global Education, Inc. for more information.

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