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TOEFL language test resources

Exciting updates to TOEFL Prep Essentials, including making the TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler completely free (previously, you needed to register for the test to have access). The TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler provides free unlimited access to past TOEFL iBT question from all four sections of the test that students can download and use to practice as often as they like. Also updated is the entire preparation section on the website where you can find all the latest free and paid resources, including the interactive sampler, TOEFL iBT test questions and the Official Guide to the TOEFL Test, 4th Edition.

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A+ Social Club
A+ Social Club operates for all International students and their Host Families during the school year. The aim is to foster friendships and cultural understanding between all students and their American hosts. Once a month an organized activity will be planned and optional for all members to attend.

Examples of organized activities are:
Visits to local museums and parks
Thanksgiving activities and special dinner
Lebanon Christmas Horse and Carriage Parade
Outdoor activities may include canoeing, weekend camping and mini golf
Winter sledding and skiing
Local concerts and theater
Local sightseeing
Visit to Cincinnati Zoo
Christmas Party and activities
Much more...

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Medical Insurance
Medical care in the US can be expensive if you get sick or are involved in accident. A+ schools require that all international students have purchased a maximum cover policy before arriving in the US. A+ can assist by purchasing the policy for the student from a reputable travel insurance provider. The cost for this policy is listed in the A+ cost sheet for each school.

We recommend that you have your teeth and eyes checked, and any other medical work needed done before you leave your home country.

If you are under 18 years of age you will also need to compete the "Permission To Treat" forms and forward them to A+ before you come to the US. All doctors and hospitals require a child under the age of 18 have an adult sign for them to receive treatment. These forms will give your school or your A+ agent permission to sign in case medical treatment becomes necessary.

If any serious emergency needs arise A+ will contact your parents in your home country.

Here is a short video that gives a brief explanation about health insurance in the United States and how it works.

This video teaches international students how to prepare for their arrival in the US, how the US healthcare system works and how students should seek medical care appropriately if they become sick or injured.
Please visit if you would like more information.

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Income Tax Forms Required in the U.S. All International students are required to complete an income tax return annually even if they have no income from US sources, or if the income is exempt from US taxes due to treaties between US and their home country.

The US tax system encompasses many different types of taxes (e.g income tax, Social Security tax, sales tax, personal property tax) and three layers of taxation (local, state, and federal) International students have obligations at several levels.

Your A+ agent will help you with this obligation at the appropriate time of the year and you will be able to file your tax form simply and easily.

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ACT/SAT Testing Information
Here is a FREE web site that helps prepare students for the ACT or SAT.

Teaming with Peterson's, March 2 Success offers 7 full length practice tests both the SAT and ACT. These practice tests are timed just as each section of the real test is. Addionally, each section can be reviewed after the section has been scored. This will show whether each question is correct or incorrect with the correct answer and an explanation of the problem.

March 2 Success also offers 25 decks of flashcards (20 Verbal and 5 Math) ranging in difficulty from easy to hard. The flashcards show a word or term, will read it aloud (if you have sound turned on) and provide a definition. Each deck of cards includes a game or quiz to review the terms you have just learned.

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Links to Blogs
SiQi: An international student from China
jing zhang: An international student recruiter from Beijing, China

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Links to Videos
Welcome to the US: A visual introduction to the United States
US Arrival Protocol: a video designed to make your entry into the United States trouble-free

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A+ Affiliated Schools
Washington Adventist University: Highly ranked, private university in Washington D.C.
Western Wyoming Community College: Very affordable community college with the #1 graduation rate in the United States
Spring Valley Academy: Highly ranked, private college-preparatory school in Ohio
Hinsdale Adventist Academy: High quality, private college-preparatory school near Chicago, Illinois
Collegedale Academy: Exclusive, private college-preparatory school in Tennessee
Forest Lake Academy: Well established, private college-preparatory school in Florida
Mount Vernony Academy: Established over 100 years ago, also highly ranked, private college-preparatory boarding school in Ohio
Thunderbird Academy: Highly ranked, private college-preparatory boarding school located in Arizona
The Beacon School: Exclusive college-preparatory school near New York City for high-performers only

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Places of Interest
Cincinnati Zoo: a local zoo with many interesting animals
Museum of Natural History: Large natural history museum with an IMAX theater
Newport Aquarium: fascinating showcase with thousands of animals from around the world in a million gallons of water
Mammoth Cave National Park: the most extensive cave system on earth, with over 390 miles of passageways. Just 4 hours away in Kentucky

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Educational Services
World Education Services

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