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What's Happening

A+ students do more than just attend classes and then study and do assignments! They are INVOLVED!

An A+ student is involved in many things. Attending classes, studying, and completing assignments are just some of what they do. Below you will see travel, extra-curricular activities and special projects. See what you are missing?

Come join us!

Zhuang is in the land of croissants, foie gras, the Louvre, and Normandy Beach. If you don't know what these are, then you don't know France!

Zhuang in France!

Where do you want to go?

Joe is coming!

Joe is a major addition to the team!

The crowd is on his side.

The crowd is on his side!

He shoots!

He shoots! He scores!

Family support!

Family support is important, too!

Yuxin wins!

Yuxin shows off her Science Fair exhibit. Notice the Blue Ribbon in her hands. Yes, that's for FIRST PLACE!

A+ leaders stand with partnered Leaders from the Glee Network and Shanghai International as they visit Mt. Dora Academy in Orlando Florida.

I got it!

I got it!

Getting your US visa will put a smile on your face! A+ Global Education kicked off their Chinese student tour with a Student Fair held in Virginia where school principals and staff were able to meet and interview 80 students who are applying for US High Schools in the fall.

The students then travelled by bus to visit schools in California and Florida. A total of 20 schools were visited. Watch this page for updates.

I got it!

I got it!

I got it!

A+ leaders stand with partnered Leaders from the Glee Network and Shanghai International as they visit Mt. Dora Academy in Orlando Florida.

I got it!

I got it!

Getting your US visa will put a smile on your face!

Interviewing for your visa can be a very scdary experience. You never know what questions will be asked, and how the officer will respond. Add to that all of the work getting the papers in order to present at the interview and you can see why our students have smiles on their faces when they get that document!

I got it!

I got it!

I got it!

The weather will be cold when these students arrive at their school, but they will be warmly welcomed by their host families.

Many of the parents of our students visit during the holidays!

Every year some parents are able to take the time to visit their students. The students get to have familiar food made with love, and the parents get to see where the students live, and meet the host families.

Welcome parents!

Welcome parents!

Welcome parents!

Welcome parents!

Welcome parents!

When parents are able to visit it is always special for the students. We appreciate the effort and time that these 'moms and dads' have taken to come and see their students.

A+ Global Education students go white water rafting!

On June 8, six international students, along with some of their classmates from Spring Valley Academy, went to West Virginia. This is a state about 250 miles east of Dayton. The New River is a world-famous location for white water rafting. The river has many fantastic rapids and lots of action places. Take a few minutes to look at these pictures from their adventure.

White water rafting is fun!

White water rafting is fun!

White water rafting is fun!

White water rafting is fun!

White water rafting is fun!

White water rafting is fun!

Zhuang, Zongyi, Jing, Chang, Wenxuan, and Jiayuan all invite you to come and see how exciting study at an A+ school can be!

Spring Valley Academy has a wonderful group of graduates!

Spring Valley Academy had fantastic weather to compliment their graduating class. The graduates this year continued the tradition of above-average achievement. This class was awarded over 1.9 MILLION dollars in scholarships for their next educational destinations!

Spring Valley Academy graduation.

Forest Lake Education Center has a wonderful group of graduates!

The 8th grade class at Forest Lake Educaton Center is a marvelous collection of students with a very bright future.

Forest Lake Education Center graduates.

Forest Lake Academy graduates

Graduates from Forest Lake Academy earned many different honor awards.

Forest Lake Academy graduation.

Hinsdale Adventist Academy has graduates, too!

Here is another group of great looking young people who are ready for the next phase in their lives.

Hinsdale Adventist Academy graduation.

The littlest graduates at Spring Valley Academy!

The kindergarten class at Spring Valley Academy graduates to first grade! Everyone had a great time in this colorful celebration.

SVA Kindergarten graduation.

8th grade graduation at SVA

Daniel and the rest of his classmates had an evening to remember.

SVA 8th grade graduation.

Academy Days at Spring Valley Academy

Each year Spring Valley Academy invites graduating 8th graders and other new students to visit the school, meet the teachers, enjoy a meal, and go to a Dayton Dragons baseball game in the evening.

Daniel, Jerry, Chang, Dennis and Jonathan all had a good time at the Academy.

SVA Academy Day

The graduations begin!

Justin and Logan are the first A+ graduates this year.

Ooltewah Middle School graduation

A+ Social Club goes for a ride!

The A+ Global Education Social Club takes the students for a special ride!

It's not a rubber duck!

Cincinnati has a special attraction where the vehicle can go on the street or in the water. A+ Students and some visiting parents took a ride and were able to see Cincinnati from both land and see and then "quacked up" at the end of the ride.

A bunch of quackers.

A+ Honor Roll has many members!

The A+ Global Education organization is very proud of their students. Each year a high percentage of them are listed on the honor roll for their schools. This year we have some exceptional students. We start the list with Elvis Nkezabahizi at Western Wyoming Community College.

Elvis is the best!

Elvis has not only performed at the highest level, a perfect 4.0, but he has taken a massive class load to enable him to graduate a semester early.

Fantastic effort!

Spring Valley Academy has released their Honor Roll and Principal Scholar honor students. A+ students are on both lists, along with students from our host families. A+ appreciates the effort by our host families to provide the support for the international students by giving them good environment where good study habits are maintained.

SVA Special Scholars

SVA Principal Scholars
  • Martin, grade 12, perfect 4.0 GPA
  • Yang Jing, grade 9

SVA Honor Roll
  • Benjamin Nkurunziza, grade 11
  • Zongyi Li, grade 9
  • Zhuang Tian, Grade 9

Spring Valley Academy Senior Boys Win Basketball Tournament

Another trophy for the school!

Spring Valley Academy boys' varsity basketball team takes first place at Cardinal Classic Andrews University basketball tournament. Congratulations to an outstanding team.

Congratualtions to all

Spring Valley Academy Middle School Girls are winners, too!

The girls are winners!

Spring Valley Academy middle school girls win first place in local Cincinnati basketball tournament.

Hinsdale Academy Students Take Certified Nurse Aide Classes

CNA class in session

CNA classes commenced several weeks ago at Hinsdale Adventist Hospital. The classes included junior and senior students from HAA. Students will graduate from the program in May, ready to begin work!

Working hard

A+ welcomes Logan to Tennessee!

Logan arrives!

Gao Zhao Qi (Logan) arrived in Atlanta yesterday, from China, to attend Ooltewah Middle School. He plans to apply for Collegedale High School for the 2014-2015 school year. A+ wishes you all the best in your studies, Logan.

A+ welcomes Justin to Tennessee!

Justin arrives!

Homestay Area Coordinator Bridget welcomes Justin and his mother to Ooltewah Middle School in Tennessee.

A+ students visited faraway places during the Christmas break

New York City!

Some went to the big city!

South Carolina!

Some went to the country.


And some went to the beach. Warm weather was a great idea!

A+ students enjoy the big freeze that went across America.

Having fun

Have you ever been sledding in the middle of the night?

Come join us!

We have and it's GREAT FUN!

Worn out

Keep the sidewalks clean!

We have even been shoveling the driveway so we could get out to school.

International Students From Spring Valley Academy Enjoy The Lebanon Horse Parade

Beautiful animals

Approximately 200,000 visitors enjoy the historic streets of downtown Lebanon on Saturday to start the holiday season. There are two parades on Saturday with more than 100 antique carriages decorated in lights, bells and bows. The carriages are pulled by beautiful Clydesdales, Percherons, miniature horses and more.

Zhuang and Ziqi

Zhuang and Ziqi enjoy the evening parade.

Horses and carriage

The evening parade features carriages covered in battery-powered Christmas lights while throngs of people holding candles line the streets of the parade route and watch the 100 antique horse-drawn carriage pass by.

Daniel at the parade

Daniel is well dressed for the occasion and is having a good time!

A+ International Students Play Major Roles in Spring Valley Academy's Musical "The King And I"

The King and I

The leading lady with Martin as "The King"

Zhuang and Daniel

Zhuang and Daniel from China make handsome palace guards.

The king's beautiful children

Kneel before the king!

The king has many beautiful, obedient children.

A very large class for the teacher

Miss Anna has a very large class!

October Fun

SVA choir

Singing with the Spring Valley Choir.

Pumpkin gun

Shooting Pumpkins at Tom's Corn Maze

Pumpkin gun fires


Goats frolic on the gym.

Campfire food

Zhuang roasts hotdogs over the campfile.

September Activities Enjoyed By International Students

Soccer game

Soccer has been a favorite activity for A+ International students this year. The beautiful outdoor playing areas have been enjoyed by all.

Soccer game 2

Daniel really enjoys the game.

Left forward Daniel

One of our International girls has been very daring and joined the local Pathfinder Club.

tent assembly in the dark

This is a club for boys and girls that offers leadership training, outdoor pursuits, crafts, and a variety of fun activities to build confidence and skills in young people.

tent assembly 2

Yang discovers the mystery of putting up a tent for camping.

Tent inspection

Job completed in record time. Well done girls.

Chinese friends of A+ enjoy the Wright Flyer, a 50% scale model of the original plane.

Wright Flyer

Wright Flyer

Wright Flyer

Wright Flyer

Students from China arrive in Dayton in time to start at Spring Valley Academy

Kenny, Yang, Zhuang, and Zongyi

A+ students arrive in Dayton at all hours!.

ZiQi and her host family

Ziqi and her host family.

Daniel and his father

Daniel and his father are met by his new brothers!

Catching up with former students and their parents

Siqi and her mom

Siqi and her mom with A+ Director, Sherree Herdman on a recent trip to China.

Graduation is always a special time for A+ Global Education and the international students.

FANTASTIC! The 29 members of the 2013 graduating class of Spring Valley Academy were awarded over $2.5 MILLION dollars in scholarships! We congratulate these outstanding students.

2013 SVA Graduating Class

A+ Global Education International students were a part of this special class.


Congratulations Marius! $60,000 awarded.


Congratulations Jimin! $56,000 awarded.


Congratulations Elizabeth! $20,000 awarded.

SVA international student family

International students become part of the family when they are here.

Elizabeth and her sister

Elizabeth, from Rwanda, with her sister.

Jimin from Korea

Jimin, from Korea.

Marius from Rwanda

Marius, from Rwanda.

Teerapong from Thailand

Teerapong, from Thailand.

Tee and friends

Teerapong with a few friends he made while he was at SVA.

Graduates are special people

A+ Global Education Director Sherree Herdman congratulates the graduates.

Disney's "Alladin" was a production at Spring Valley Academy and A+ students were a part of the production!

Tee is part of an elite guard unit!

Teerapong was part of the elite guard unit for the princess.

Guard the Princess!

"Your job is to guard the princess."

Find Alladin!

"Find Alladin?"

Our hero!

Our Hero!

There were a few more scenes than these, but we selected the more important ones to show here! Congratulations to Tee for his performance in a very well-done production.

The Junior-Senior banquet had some great looking attendees!

SVA Jr-SR Banquet students

Douglas, from Rwanda, looks at his new clothes. Happy birthday from A+!

Douglas opens his presents

International students suit up for a day of fun at paintball. Another A+ Social Club event.

Paint Ball crowd

A+ is pleased to wish Tee, from Thailand, a very happy birthday!

Tee is awesome!

A+ Global Education would like to thank all Rwandan Government Ministers, parents and friends for their excellent hospitality on the recent visit to their country by the A+ Business Manager.

Fabulous food!

Dave met with parents of Spring Valley Academy students and enjoyed African food with them as they got to know each other.

Fabulous food!

Here he is with "MamaBen" and "MamaMarius".

Fabulous food!

He enjoyed the excitement of African culture at a local wedding and as a special guest was treated to a front seat view.

Fabulous food!

The dancers had elaborate costumes and just as complicated routines.

Fabulous food!

The musicians sang, played instruments, and kept the entire group moving.

A+ looks forward to returning in the near future to strengthen the ties and work more closely with the people of Rwanda.

Maple Syrup Adventure in California Woods

A group of A+ students recently spent Sunday morning in California Woods near Cincinnati Ohio learning the secrets of making Maple Syrup.

Maple syrup is one of the many wonders of the world. This viscous amber liquid with its characteristic earthy sweet taste is made from the sap of the sugar, black or red maple tree. The process of creating maple syrup begins with tapping (piercing) the tree, which allows the sap to run out freely. The sap is clear and almost tasteless and very low in sugar content when it is first tapped. It is then boiled to evaporate the water producing syrup with the characteristic flavor and color of maple syrup and sugar content of 60%. This process also creates the characteristic flavor and deep color of the syrup.

The process of making maple syrup is an age-old tradition of the North American Indians, who used it both as a food and as a medicine. They would make incisions into trees with their tomahawks and use birch barks to collect the sap. The sap would be condensed into syrup by evaporating the excess water using one of two methods: plunging hot stones into the sap or the nightly freezing of the sap, following by the morning removal of the frozen water layer.

When the settlers came to North America, they were fascinated by this traditional process and in awe of the delicious, natural sweetener it produced. They developed other methods to reduce the syrup, using iron drill bits to tap the trees and then boiling the sap in the metal kettles in which it was collected.

Maple syrup was the main sweetener used by the colonists since sugar from the West Indies was highly taxed and very expensive. As sugar became cheaper to produce, it began to replace maple syrup as a relied upon sweetener. In fact, maple syrup production is approximately one-fifth of what it was in the beginning of the 20th century.

Maple syrup-producing trees are only found in select regions of North America. Producers of maple syrup include the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec, as well as the states of Vermont, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and New York in the U.S.

Food Table

Tee from Thailand helps drill a hole into the tree ready to insert the spout to “tap” the maple sap.

Students ready to eat!

Mehsan from Kuwait tastes the sap as it drips.

Nick and Tony

Next the syrup is boiled down. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.

The feast has begun!

This is the best part, when you put the syrup on your pancakes!

The turkey

Getting up close and friendly with the local inhabitants.

Food Table

Students ready to eat!

Nick and Tony

Liz from Rwanda meets her first horse.

The feast has begun!

Tee and Douglas explore the woods. We can’t wait for the spring leaves to appear.

The turkey

Everyone had fun.

A+ Global Education welcomes their newest school, Western Wyoming Community College. It is in the heart of dinosaur country!

Jurassic Park

Not quite Jurassic Park!


Now, back to your dorms!

Watch out, shoppers!

Watch out, shoppers!!

Now that's a big fish!

This is an early version of the 'walleye'!

A+ Global Education welcomes Elizabeth and Douglas from Rwanda!

Liz & Douglas

(from left) Thomas, Elizabeth, Douglas, and Tee

A+ International students join in the fun during Spirit Week at Spring Valley Academy.

Men in Black

Thanksgiving in America

On August 5th, 1620, the Mayflower and the Speedwell set sail from Southampton, England, for the Hudson River, in what is now New York.

Not long after they departed, the Speedwell began to leak and the ships were forced to stop in Dartmouth, England, for repairs. On August 21st, they left again, only to have new leaks force them to return to England once more, this time to Plymouth. There it was decided that the Speedwell could not be made seaworthy for such a voyage.

On September 6th, the Mayflower again set sail for the New World, this time alone. There were 102 passengers on board, most of whom were Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution.

For two and a half months, the passengers and crew endured cold, sickness, bad food, leaks that threatened to scuttle the ship and storms that blew them far off course, before landing at what is now Provincetown, on Cape Cod, on November 21st. After determining that the area was not suitable for settlement, they landed at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 21st.

Despite the hardships, it was a successful crossing for that time in history, as only one person died. Nearly a year later, the Pilgrims celebrated a good harvest with the first Thanksgiving in the New World.

Today all over America people gather with their friends and families to celebrate Thanksgiving as a National Holiday in remembrance of that first Thanksgiving nearly 400 years ago.

Food Table

International students also enjoy the American Thanksgiving in Ohio, USA.

Students ready to eat!

Nick and Tony

The feast has begun!

The turkey

A+ International students play in basketball tournament

Tony and Ben

Several of our International students played in the Kettering College Roundball Invitational tournament over the weekend. Pictured are Tony (Taiwan) and Ben (Rwanda)

A+ Director Sherree Herdman Visits Number 8 Middle School In Hengyang

New School opening

After a 45 minute ride at over 300kmph on a fast train a large sign greeted me as I was brought into visit the school at Hengyang. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the visit and was excited to compare a Chinese school with schools in USA, New Zealand or Australia. The school had beautiful surroundings and well equipped classrooms.

New School opening

The dolphin statue in the fountain represents the ability of every student to leap high and reach high goals.

New School opening

Class sizes were very large with 60 students in every class. Here second year High School students can be seen jogging during a PE class. Class groups jog behind their class number sign.

New School opening

The school cafeteria was huge with three levels of cafeteria in the building.

New School opening

New School opening

New School opening

I would like to thank the school principal and all the staff who made my visit to Number 8 School so enjoyable.

A+ Global Education Supports New School Initiative

New School opening

A+ Global Education director Sherree Herdman and Australian representative Marlene King-Adams recently met in Beijing with Ben Niubenr to discuss future plans for supporting the development of A+ Global Vocational School in Xingtai, China. The school, an initiative of Ben Niubenr, is to be SDA owned and operated. The current goal is to purchase a large block of land and to move the current small school onto the new property. A+ Global USA will be looking to recruit volunteer teams from USA to provide short term support projects.

A+ International Student Social Club Visits Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Columbus Zoo

Recently 15 students and host family members spent a fun day at the Columbus zoo and aquarium. The weather was beautiful and fun was had by all.

Columbus Zoo

“We are right here!

Columbus Zoo

Marius-Rwanda, Liu-China, Tee-Thailand, Thomas-USA
New friendships for a lifetime.

Columbus Zoo

“Wow! I’m tall but these guys are huge.”

A+ students and friends visit the Military Aviation Museum in Dayton.

The Military Aviation Museum is home to one of the largest private collections of World War One and World War Two era military aircraft in the world. Each has been beautifully restored to its prior military condition, using original parts whenever possible. Most of the planes are airworthy and flown at the museum during flight demonstrations and at air shows throughout the year.

The museum is constantly growing as new aircraft and aviation-related ground equipment is added to the collection.

A+ Global Education students spent Sunday morning exploring the history and other special exhibits.

Bi-Plane at the Air Force Museum

Marius, Michael and Helen enjoy the sights of both “old and new” as they take in aviation history.

Marius at the Air Force Museum

A+ welcomes our first international student from Rwanda!

Marius arrived in Dayton today after a long flight from Africa. He will be starting school at Spring Valley Academy this week. A+ staff and Spring Valley Academy staff and students are excited to welcome him into the group and look forward to getting to know him this school year.

We wish him all the best as he pursues his studies in America.

Marius at Dayton International Airport

A+ students learn the fine art of cake-pop making!

Cake-pops are balls of tasty cake covered in chocolate and decorated.

Make the cake ball first

First, Mimie (Thailand) rolls the cake into balls and put the sticks into them

Decorate cakepops

Then she dips the cake balls in the warm chocolate and decorates them.

Decorate cakepops

Success! Brenda's (Brazil) cake-pops look great and taste unbelievably good!

A+ students enjoy a night at the local 10-pin bowling alley

The 'men' (including several superheroes) of the A+ Social Club rolled to some good scores at a local bowling establishment in the first A+ Social Club outing for the 2012-2013 school year!

A+ bowling men

Congratulations to SiQi Li of China

SiQi graduated in June from Spring Valley Academy and was awarded more than $35,000 in scholarships from Andrews University! She was 3rd in her class and we are very proud of her!

SiQi in grad robe

International Students Visit A Grand, Gloomy and Peculiar Place.

Mammoth Cave National Park is in south central Kentucky. This is the world's longest known cave system, with more than 390 miles explored. Early guide Stephen Bishop called the cave a "grand, gloomy and peculiar place," but its vast chambers and complex labyrinths have earned its name - Mammoth.

We entered the cave through the Historic Entrance, and we felt the excitement that intrigued the earliest explorers and visitors. We experienced the history and the role Mammoth Cave played during the War of 1812. Large passages invited us to imagine what it would have been like for prehistoric discoverers who walked these passages more than 2,000 years ago. We descended into the lower levels of the cave and followed in the footsteps of the first explorers who crossed the Bottomless Pit. We squeezed through Fat Man’s Misery. Climbed 155 stairs up Mammoth Dome and exited through the Historic Entrance. It took 2 hours and we travelled 2 miles. We climbed 440 steps, including 155 at Mammoth Dome. The elevation change was 300 feet.

Down in the cave

Historic entrance to Mammoth Cave

Congratulations to our International Scholars!

These students made the Principal Scholars list: (GPA of 3.75-4.00)
A-Plus Siqi - China

Jimin - Korea

Tony - Taiwan - 4.0!

4 winners

A Manchu Banquet

Chinese Buffet

A+ Director Sherree Herdman travelled to China in March for the Education Fair in Beijing. She loved the food and meeting the Chinese people. She had an exciting time walking on the Great Wall and enjoyed the other wonderful cultural experiences. A+ is hoping to have more students from China join us in the US for the 2012-2013 school year.

Great Wall of China

TAA Band trumpet section

Thunderbird Academy music program is expanding!

The TAA Music Department is enjoying a year of growth and expansion. From the traditional offering of band and choir, this year students have been able to participate in Octet, a string ensemble and a handbell choir, as well. Many students are finding that being involved in one or more groups is adding to their musical enjoyment and making for a more fulfilling school year.

As well as more groups available, there are many private lessons offered. "Students who study privately grow the most!" is a line from the advertisement given to students with information about the possibilities at hand. There are two piano teachers, a voice teacher and a strings teacher on our campus during the week, teaching students the higher skills needed to develop fine musicianship.

TAA String Ensemble

Painting at Holbrook

Students Volunteer To Help a Smaller School

During Spring Break a team of Student and Teachers from Spring Valley Academy gave up their own time and travelled to Holbrook Indian School in Arizona to volunteer working on maintenance projects at the campus. After days of hard work painting buildings, finishing drywall and installing concrete block they enjoyed some sightseeing at the magnificent Grand Canyon and Painted Desert.

Grand Canyon

Andrews University

Four international students visit Andrews University.

lake Michigan

Join us at the lake.

While visiting Andrews University the students discover Lake Michigan, part of the Great Lakes system between the United States and Canada.

cheerleaders against wall

Cheers happen!

Jimin Yu, from Korea, is a member of the Spring Valley Academy cheerleading team. They are watching the SVA basketball team in action.

zoo fairy

29th Annual Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights November 25 – January 1

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is making spirits bright this holiday season with the tri-state’s longest running holiday tradition – the 29th Annual PNC Festival of Lights! In addition to over two-million LED lights strung throughout the Zoo, guests can also enjoy Madcap puppets in black-light, a NEW Wild Lights Show, train rides, rappin' elves and so much more.

Guests enjoy more lights and more color than ever before as they journey through the Zoo’s themed areas. From Fairy Land where kids can search for the five hidden fairies to Candy Cane Forest, Twinkle Trail and Lemon-drop Lane! Children can visit Santa in the North Pole and meet the Rappin’ Elves and other costumed characters as they stroll through the park for special appearances.

As guests enter the Zoo they are welcomed at the entrance by a breath-taking 35-foot-tall tree, blanketed with more than 20,000 LED lights in the Zoo’s Historic Vine Street Village. Just beyond the entrance is Swan Lake, where visitors experience the spectacular sights and sounds of the Wild Lights Show - a 21-foot-tall computer-controlled tree with thousands of LED lights dancing to the beat of NEW holiday songs.

In the Wings of Wonder Theater, you can watch life size puppets come to life right before your eyes during live performances of Winter Wonders by Madcap Puppet Theatre. Each amazing black-light theater-style show features an array of holiday themes including snowmen, ice skating, and of course dancing marshmallows!

At the Train Depot you can see the sights aboard the North Polar Express or meet the Talking Tigers, "Blizzard" and "Snowflake." Warm up inside the Special FX 4-D Theater for a showing of Happy Feet™ or Polar Express™ 4-D Experience.


Christmas Cooking

On December 23rd Siqi Li (China) and Teerapong Tantisriprecha (Thailand) learned how to make chocolate covered pretzels for Christmas Day.

First: dip the pretzel in melted chocolate.

Second: lay them out to dry.

Third: dip again.


Fourth: drizzle colored chocolate on.


Fifth: YUM!

Christmas Village 1

Christmas Village – December 16th, 2011

A visit to The Creation Museum in Kentucky gave everyone a Bethlehem experience when they walked through the recreation of the birth of Jesus. The live nativity is unlike any other in that an archaeologist uncovered the events surrounding the night of Jesus’ birth. Roman soldiers wandered around the village as we walked through.

Christmas Village 2
In the First Century Marketplace we had the opportunity to buy authentic pottery, handmade scarves and purses, toys, and even homemade soaps from Israel.

Christmas Village 3

The garden light display was beautiful, especially the purple trees and the large dinosaurs. We were surrounded by over 60,000 lights as we walked through the garden in the night.

Waco Air Show in Tipp City – September 17th, 2011

WACO Air Show 1

Our students had fun visiting the Waco Air Show and learning about the old bi-wing airplanes and their stunt flying. They were excited about being able to get up close to the planes and even climb inside.

WACO Air Show 2

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