Students speak

Siqi - China Read more here!
I really want to say that the teachers in school are very nice, if I have questions, they will help me, and make sure I really understand.
Also I met other exchange students in the family, so I knew more about other countries culture and interesting things. We are like brothers and sisters.

Teerapong - Thailand Read more here!
When a new student arrives everyone helps the new student. When some students have a problem teachers and other students help solve the problem.

Thomas - United States Read more here!
I have been in the A+ Homestay program since I came to Spring Valley and I have been very well looked after by my host parents. I feel safe and am very happy to be in a family who makes me feel like I belong as part of the family. The food is excellent and we have a lot of fun together.

Guanbo - China Read more here!
Coming to the United States is not a hard choice for me. When I was in China, I was very interested in American culture, the education here and the freedom of speech.

Jerny - Columbia Read more here!
Boston and Government trips are two of my favorite MVA memories. We went to a lot of places that not even a lot of people who live in the United States have gone.

Evelyne - Burundi Read more here!
The teachers at Mount-Vernon are the best teachers a student can have, I mean they are the best. And I will miss them all.

Andrea - Columbia Read more here!
Some of the best things that have happened to me here are meeting some awesome people, traveling with friends, and learning a new language. In the group of awesome people are my ESL classmates, the juniors and a lot of people from the other classes.