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Sherree Herdman

Sherree Herdman, Chief Executive Officer of A+ Global Education has over 30 years’ experience in Education, including a Masters of Educational Administration degree. She has been principal in 5 different schools, in 4 countries, on two continents. 85% of her teaching experience has been in classrooms with students that spoke more than one language. She has helped established several new schools during her career.
Her vision is what is making a bright future for many international students.

Jane Tulls
School Enrollments

  • Jane was born and raised in Michigan and attended HOPE College where she was a student athlete playing soccer, volleyball, and tennis. She graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Education and a K-12 teaching certificate.

  • She has been working in the field of international education for the past 10 years. She has visited several different countries including China and Russia. Jane is married and has 4 children. In her spare time, she coaches high school tennis, plays pickleball, volunteers with her church, and advocates for young adults with disabilities.

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Dave Herdman

Business Manager

David is a fully trained accountant and has been involved in the field of education for many years. He was the Business Manager for two different schools.


David brings financial perspective to all of the services offered. He analyzes each potential project implementation to make sure that it makes financial sense for the school, and that all elements are accounted for adequately.

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